What features does an educational website have?
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What Features Does An Educational Website Have?

What features does an educational website have?

What features does an educational website have?

An educational website whether it is associated with college or school must possess lots of features to make it more attractive and informative. An educational website is not meant to be very pretty or fancy; it should be informative and cover all the courses, information and various other things. You should look for a professional and experienced designer in order to Design College Website.

An experience web developer can have more ideas about how to design and develop an Online Booking College Website. Online presence of any education website suffers due to confusing navigation, poor design, lack of content and an unclear message.

Some key features for educational website:


An online prospectus:

This is considered as the important feature of any educational website as it offers a better alternative to a traditional paper based prospectus. Students can access it from anywhere and at any time.

Search Functionality:

People don’t want to spend their more time in searching anything on any site so better use search functionality to your website. It helps student to search the specific course they want to join. If you implement a search bar it would be great for visitors as it allow information to be found in an efficient and easy way. It has become the most used feature on educational website.

Integrate with Social Media;

You can get yourself connected with your existing students, prospective students and parents who visit your website via social media channels. They all use social media and you should integrate these channels with your website. You should update all related information about your collage with your website.

This is how you can make your college website more impressive. There is a long list of features that we would include in our next post.


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